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Keeping peace and unity in the church is essential! Some people believe it is not good or even possible to have a unified church, but Psalm 133:1 says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Unity is conducive to the power, anointing, and blessings of God, and we see this in the book of Acts. In Acts 2, members of the early church were together in one accord, and they saw many miracles, signs, and wonders as a result. But what is true unity?

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STUDY GUIDE - Knowing & Working with Holy Spirit

In this study guide you will discover who Holy Spirit is, (Have you ever wanted to understand the trinity?) what His mission is in your life,  we will study the 7 works of Holy Spirit in and through you, and how to cooperate with Him, and if you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, then you will have an opportunity.

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The Atmosphere of Healing

When we want to exercise authority in order to be healed and stay healed, we often think that screaming at the devil, or doing certain things will move the devil or sickness but in this teaching we will discover what is the true place of authority and what atmosphere is conducive to healing.

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A Hearing Heart

In the Gospels and in the book of Revelation, it is found 16 different times Jesus proclaiming: "He who has ears to hear let him hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying". Because one has ears on the side of his head doesn't guarantee that he will hear what God says. You might hear a good sermon and even get excited about it but it doesn't automatically mean that you will understand its spiritual meaning and be changed by it. In this study you will discover what allows a person to have spiritual ears and be in tune to God 'Spirit.


The Violent take it by force

I can dogmatically say, (I know it might make some people cringe!) that healing is always the will of God. Jesus paid for all our sicknesses on the cross, and now it is no longer a question of “does God want to heal me?” but it is a matter of “Will I believe and receive what has already been paid for and given”,  But though healing is the will of God, it doesn’t mean that it will happen automatically.


Socialism, Is it Political or Spiritual?

In the midst of everything that is going on in this world both politically and spiritually, it is a time for us to press in more than ever in the things of God. Today is not a time to be silent or politically correct, it is not a time to draw back but it is a time to boldly proclaim God's truth from the rooftop...yes even about politics as did preachers and pastors during the great awakening and for those of you who might think the two are not related, then i would like to share with you a perspective I believe the Lord has given me.


How to be filled with Holy Spirit

It is clear in the bible through the words of Jesus & the teaching of Paul that Holy Spirit was sent to help us, teach us, guide us, transform us into a powerful witness and give us a beautiful language with which we can speak directly to God according to His perfect will as well as pray effectively and unselfishly. Paul said: "I pray in tongues more than you all." Paul prayed in tongues A LOT... He knew that speaking in tongues was so powerful and so important that he also strongly warned people in 1 Cor 14:39 "desire earnestly to prophesy and do not forbid to speak with tongues." If you have been wanting more of God and have never been baptized with Holy Spirit and never spoke in tongues, then this is for you.


If God exists, why so many wars & injustices ?

Proverb 18: 21 says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. We can overcome our problems, change our situation with our words according to Marc 11: 23 and Romans 4: 17, but why do some who try to exercise their authority in Christ or confess the Word do not see their situation change. The word of God in their mouth produces no results and they are ready to accept their problem as being the will of God.


The Integrity of our Words

Proverb 18: 21 says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. We can overcome our problems, change our situation with our words according to Marc 11: 23 and Romans 4: 17, but why do some who try to exercise their authority in Christ or confess the Word do not see their situation change. The word of God in their mouth produces no results and they are ready to accept their problem as being the will of God.


Have you lost your spiritual appetite?

When someone gets sickly, one of the first sign is a loss of appetite. A healthy person is someone with a good appetite. I remember a long time ago, as a young woman I had lost my appetite. I could not eat, not even my favorite food. Even the sight of food made me sick. What would have happened to me if I had remained in this condition for too long? If one doesn’t eat… one will eventually die.


How to Receive Healing

It is my belief, through my study of God's Word and through my own experience, that healing is always the will of God.  It is our privilege and even our responsibility as children of God to exercise our God given authority in the Name of Jesus and expect to receive healing in our body.   As a minister of the Gospel I have seen hundreds, even thousands of people healed. I do not have a special anointing, I am just a simple person who puts faith in God's powerful Word, and so can you!

I want to encourage you to read all the healing testimonies on the website, they will bring hope to your heart. Then read and meditate upon the teaching I provided for you. You will be able to pray with authority & faith the prayer that God gave me for you. 


Faith as a Mustard Seed

In Luke 18:8, we discover that Jesus is and will be looking for faith in our life… when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?" The bible declares that the just shall live by faith (Rom 1:17) and that we are to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7). In fact, faith is really important because faith is the mode of operation in the Kingdom of God.


The Powerful & Glorious Church

The following is a stunning vision given to American preacher Tommy Hicks, who was a major figure in the powerful 1954 Argentina Revival. 


Don't Act like a Monkey... FORGIVE!

Jesus warned us in Matt.24:3-13 “Take heed that no one deceives you...and then many will be offended, will betray one another and will hate one another... and because of lawlessness the love of many will grow cold but he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

2 Timothy clearly says that one of the signs of the end time will be a lack of love, ...for men will be unloving, unforgiving... Many will fall into offense, and to be offended means you have allowed yourself to be hurt, angry, resentful, and in strife with someone. 


Paul Thorn in the Flesh

So many in the body of Christ have been robbed of God's precious gift of Healing because of a false doctrine that has crept in the church about Paul thorn in the flesh. In this bible study, we will discover what this thorn truly is, through a very methodical interpretation of this passage, freeing the believers to receive their God given heritage of healing.

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Understanding the Book of Job

Many people use Job’s life to prove that sickness is sometime part of God’s master plan and that God works with the devil to purify us and test our faith. In this study, we will attempt to rightly interpret this book, according to rules of interpretations, such as scriptures interpreting scriptures, the context and the covenant in which this story takes place in order to really understand the real story behind the Book of Job.


Authority of the Believer

In this lesson on authority, we will discover what is authority and  the laws God has put in place regarding this authority. Some vital truth about God and His sovereignty will also be explained. 


Rooted in God's Love

To receive salvation, we all have had to accept the unconditional love of God, and we understood that it was by God's grace. We approached God with all our sins and weaknesses, knowing that salvation could not be earned by our own self efforts and that we did not need to be perfect for God to accept us. This In short was His UNCONDITIONAL love !Until then no problem… but what happened? Through the years that UNCONDITIONAL love became in our head, little by little a CONDITIONAL love. 


The favor Factor - Part 1

In this message you will discover how to walk in God's Favor and that It is not something you must do, but something you must believe and receive.


The Favor Factor - Part 2

In this message you will discover how to walk in God's Favor and that It is not something you must do, but something you must believe and receive.


The Promises in Psalm 23

This is a verse per verse commentary of Psalm 23, which declares and explains all the benefits and privileges of a new covenant saint... The Lord is our Shepherd... we shall not want!


How do we Harden our Heart ?

When we talk about a hard heart, we think of a rebellious heart, one who hates or despises God. But it is not automatically so!

Remember Mark 8:17 & Mark 16:14, Jesus rebuked the twelve apostles for the hardness of their heart. This therefore raises some valid questions. What is Hardness of heart? And if the twelve who loved God so much and were given to understand the mysteries of God were still susceptible to hardness of heart, then it means that I myself am not immune from it.


Real Faith will Act...

Without faith it is impossible to please God, The righteous must live by faith and 1John 5:4 plainly states that I will receive victory over whatever the devil throws at me, but only through my faith. So would it be fair to say that I must endeavor to know everything I can about faith, wouldn’t you? 

What do you do if you believe God for your healing or any of his promises and it doesn't seem to work? Many would be quick to conclude that it might not be the will of God for them or possibly even decide that the Word of God just doesn’t work. 


The Big Picture

We must ask ourselves, God, what have you called me to do in fulfilling the Great Commission?
Not IF but WHAT should I do? Your birth was NOT an accident! You could have been born 1,000 years ago but God intended for you to be alive today! WHY?
You are a piece of the puzzle in fulfilling the BIG PICTURE. 


The Force of Love

For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. I John 3:11 "He who loves another has fulfilled the law".

Romans 13:8 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'

There is no commandment greater than these." Mark 12:31

Love is more than a feeling or a duty, love is a force. It is a force that guided and always motivated Jesus.  If we want to see more miracles, more gifts of the Spirit, more people coming into the Kingdom, then we will have to be willing to yield to that force of love. 


God Loves Women... The Gift of Gab

Through times women have been oppressed, suppressed, compressed and ended up depressed. It is no surprise.

God warned us in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmity between the serpent and the woman”. Emnity means hatred, to treat someone as an enemy. The devil has always had such hatred towards women and I can easily see it in some of the countries I travel to. Many have been convinced that women are second class citizens. Even the church has believed the lie and hindered, even forbade women to fulfill their call and destiny. 

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The Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever been so excited to bless someone, just waiting for the smile on their face letting you know just how happy it made them feel? Do you want to know how to please God? Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Psalm 69:30 tells us that Praise & thanksgiving please God more than sacrifices or offerings. Gratitude pleases God because it is an expression of faith, and faith pleases God.


Becoming God Conscious

While I was ministering at a women's conference, the speaker before me, a wonderful lady who flows in the office of a prophet spoke to the congregation un​der the inspiration of the Holy Spirit “the presence of God is different from the power of God, you become changed in the presence of God, and God wants us to learn TO BE in His presence, God wants us to come to the place where we know Him instead of feel Him”.


How to Cast your Cares

Comit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

Cast your burden on the Lord & He shall sustain you. He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

When I think of casting, I see a man casting his fishing line as far as possible, or a baseball pitcher attempting to send his ball into the bleachers. One way or another, the idea is trying to get it as far from you as possible.


Are you Famed or Tamed ?

Too often we ask God for more power, more annointing, when really what we need is more boldness.  You and I are ambassadors, messengers appointed and sent by God to represent Him. And if ambassadors then we have complete authority in His Name, we have diplomatic immunity (we don’t have to be subject to the laws of sin and death, to sickness and poverty) we are even backed up by the kingdom’s wealth, better yet we have a direct hot line to the king. 

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From Servant to Son

How many of us have ever sowed but have not seen the harvest we were hoping for? Have you ever been taught to give & expect a hundred fold in return, to name your seed, keep track of it, stand until you see the harvest?

I think we’ve all been there, wondering what we’ve done wrong... until we’re told we just didn’t give enough! I believe that somehow in the body of Christ we have fallen into formulas (7 steps to prosperity and 3 points on how to get blessed) and have gone away from the simplicity of the Gospel...


How to tap into Joy ?

Matt. 10:39 “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.” This is a great mystery and lesson for us to learn. We will only find life, fulfillment and even ourselves when we choose to pour out our life for others, to give of ourselves, our love, our time, our talents, our money. Jesus even said it a different way "It is more blessed to give than to receive". 

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